Avinash Nayak

Mobile & Web App Developer

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As a seasoned technologist with a passion for innovation, I have spent my career working on a variety of challenging projects that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the digital space.
With international experience developing the official mobile application of the Australian Open, implementing India's largest indirect tax portal, and contributing to the digitalization of the agriculture sector, I have developed a unique set of skills and expertise that set me apart from others.

My specialty lies in developing cross-device applications that can cater to a larger user base, and I am highly skilled in TypeScript, React Native, and React JS. With these powerful frameworks, I have been able to create highly responsive, user-friendly applications that deliver a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. Whether working on large-scale projects for multinational corporations or developing innovative solutions for emerging startups, I am always focused on delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations. I am a collaborative team player who thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments, and I am always looking for new challenges that can help me grow and develop as a professional.

What I Know


React Native
Styled Component
Azure AD B2C

React Js
Twitter Bootstrap


UX-Design (Figma)
Adobe Photoshop
Launch Darkly


  • Infosys certified React Native developer
  • Google certified UX  designer
  • Published paper in IEEE Explore
  •  Developed Australian Open 2020 official App 
  •  Developed  India's Largest Indirect Tax Portal


  • One of the top American agricultural Machines manufacturer.
  • One of the top Sports industry in Australia.
  • One of the top e-commerce firms in Australia.
  • One of the largest subsidiary of Edison International.
  • One of the complex indirect tax implementation system portal for India.

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